How to: the foil method

We all know that it can be a pain to remove glitter polish, sometimes it's even a reason for me to wear cremes instead of glitters, but there's an easy solution to that: The foil method!

What you need: silver foil cut in pieces, cotton pads cut in half and nail polish remover. 

 This is the glitter mani I worked with: Milani Gold Glitz.

Step 1. Take a cotton pad
Step 2. Put some polish remover on the cotton pad
Step 3. Put the cotton pad on your nail
Step 4. Get the foil and wrap it around your finger covered in cotton pad like the picture above.
Step 5. Repeat the first 4 steps on all of your nails.

After doing step 1-5, your hands will look like this. The foil makes sure that the cotton pad stays in place and that you can move a bit without failing to remove.

Step 6. Wait for about 10/15 minutes. I always need to push myself to let them all on for 10/15 minutes, I'm just not patient enough to wait that long, but when I don't wait that long the glitter won't come off.

Step 7. Take it off! It works the best if you push a bit on your nail and twist the foil a bit when you take it off, this will get the last bit of glitter to come with.

Voila! Clean nails, done without any rubbing, swearing or pain. I'm wearing Catrice Nail Whitener in the above picture because I like to spare you the sight of my yellow nails this time. In case you can't wait to look at my poor little stained friends, you can click on the link. (Or if you like to read my review on the nail whitener haha.) I hope that this "how to" was helpful for you!

What method do you use for removing glitters? And does this one work for you?

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