Catrice Nail Whitener (nekkid nails!)

Remember how I loved this polish? Well this is what I ended up with after taking it off, yellow and blue stains (and the usual cracks and falling off toplayers.) You can really see where the polish has been near the cuticle of my middle finger.  My nails are always yellow, whatever basecoat I use. So I decided to give a nail whitener a try.

This is how my nails look with Catrice Nail Whitener on them. In normal light it makes my nails look healthy and almost white! It does have a bit of a disco effect because it lights up under neon and UV lamps so when I went out last night my nails were bright neon white so a lot of people noticed my shiny nails, how charming ;) This doens't make your nails whiter, it just makes them look whiter so when you take it off, your little friends go back to yellow/blue.

What's your trick to make your nails look white?


  1. ik heb dezelfde en bij mij ziet 'ie er al snel TE disco-ish uit >.<

  2. Too bad it's not permanently whitening the nail, but this is a great product in a pinch :)

  3. This is perfect if you have stains (like Moi) and you want to wear a french mani or go semi-bare. I'm going to keep an eye out for something like this.

  4. I find that Bubble White from Sally's Beauty does a great job of whitening tips and removing yellow stains. I also you "yellow out" also from sallys. Just like your catrice it has this UV effect that glows under a UV light. Great for the Clubs or glow bowling. :)

  5. Hey!

    Ikzelf heb het nooit zo heel erg, maar wat ik doe is nadat ik mijn nagellak eraf heb gehaald, mijn handen wassen met zeep. Goed afdrogen, en dan nogmaals met remover erover heen.
    Ikzelf heb er acceton inzitten. Zodra dit allemaal gebeurd is, lijken mijn nagels een stuk helderder, dit doe ik trouwens ook onder mijn nagel waar al het vuil onder komt;)

    Misschien dat dit jou helpt?


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