The best red for 49 cents

This is MAX Basic Red. It only costs €0,49 ($0,70) at Action! It's almost a jelly, it looks quite sheer in the bottle but I only needed 2 coats. It applies very well and I love the color. I own a couple of dupes of this exact color but this one applies the best of all and is the cheapest. You can see a bit of VNL, but only in the pictures.

This is how it looks in shade. I just love how it looks on me.

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Hey!

    Ja leuk he die kleurtjes van de Action!
    Lekker goedkoop, en werken fijn!
    Ikzelf heb de top en base coat, die zijn ook erg goed:D!
    Leuke blog, en mooie nagels!

    Liefs Ashley


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