ABC of You Nailed It!

Hi girls. I'm so busy studying and all (I'm so stressed out!), so I don't have time to make swatches at the moment. I do want to blog to take my mind of everything a bit, so today I'll do a tag from Life and Polish

A. Age:
18. I'm young yay. This means college and a lot of projects to do. Ok it might be my own fault because I take on to many projects than needed :P And weekend jobs and friends and going out. A whole world in front of me :)

B. Bed Size:
2 person bed. Love how I can lay in my bed any way I want and not fall out of it because it's that big for me. I always wrap the whole blanket around me, something my boyfriend doens't like haha.

C. Chore you hate:
Cleaning my room. bleh

D. Day:
Saturday evenings and sundays.

E. Essential start to your day:
Ice tea. Seriously :P without bubbles though

F. Favourite Colour
Red/purple/blue for nails, black for clothes.

G. Gold or Silver
Silver. Gold can look trashy very quickly.

H. Height
Around 1,63 meters = around 5"3

I. Instruments:
I wish I could play guitar. I own an acoustic guitar but I never really got into doing it, cause of lack of time, lack of money for class and I never wanted to hurt my fresh mani haha, how vain.

J. Job title:
Cassiere at Albert Heijn, a Dutch store.

K. Kids:
Look at my age please :P I would like to have kids later though

L. Live:
The Netherlands, in a suburb.

M. Mom's name:
Ingrid, a typical Dutch name used in the 60's

N. Nicknames:
All kinds really, Reneetje, Rienie, Ruth, Rutger. You probably all know the sentence in Phineas & Ferb "Phineas what are you doooing?" (I don't know if it's like this in English because we watch it in Dutch) My sister says to me: "Rinius what are you doooing?"

O.Overnight hospital stays:
If I had one? No.

P. Pet Peeve:
Ehm, when people leave doors open. I have a lot more but I can't think of them right away.

Q. Quote from a movie:
I watch a lot of movies but I barely remember quotes.

R. Right Handed or Left:
Right, but I always make swatch pictures of my right hand, but the application is always better on my left. I don't know why but my right hand nails are always longer. That's why I swatch on my right hand.

S. Siblings:
A sister (19) and a brother (13)

T. Time you wake up:
Around 5:45 in the morning (pff) when I need to be at school at 8:30.

U. Underwear:
"I like it..." is what Life and Polish said. I agree haha.

V. Vegetables you dislike:
Kidney beans blehhh.

W. What makes you run late:
I make myself run late. I have the ability to run late so much. My friends are used to me being 15 minutes later.

X. X-Rays you've had:
None. Oh maybe once for my braces.

Y. Yummy food you make:
Cakes. And I can make the simplest things taste nice like noodles, eggs etc.

Z. Zoo:
I like it!

I tag all my readers!

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