Preview: Catrice Papagena

Limited Edition “Papagena” by CATRICE
The new Limited Edition “Papagena” by CATRICE whisks you away to a wild and exotic world from May until July 2011. Confident Amazon warriors prowl along the urban jungle and underline their feminine strength with breathtaking make-up based on rich green and khaki shades interrupted by bright accents in pink, orange and mustard yellow.

This summer, the fashion cities of the world will be transformed into a wild paradise. Mysterious and full of surprises. CATRICE brings the Amazon jungle trend home – and we want it, the most powerful look of the season!

Ultimate Nail Laquer - €2,49 C01 Enter the Undergrowth C02 Welcome to the Jungle C03 Amazonian Gold C04 Bird of Paradise

Blush Stick - €3,49 C01 Tigerlily  C02 Bird of Paradise

Crystal Clear Gloss Stick - €3,99 C01 Tigerlily C02 Bird of Paradise

Absolute Eye Colour Quattro - €4,49 C01 Rumble in the Jungle C02 Birds of a Feather

Eyeliner Pen - €2,99 C01 White Eyes C02 Papa-Greener C03 Welcome to the Jungle

Feather Lashes - €3,99

Gold Nuggets for shine on your face or body - €3,99

“Papagena” by CATRICE will be available in stores from May until July 2011.


  1. OMG! :| I really really want the first 3 polishes (L) And those clear gloss sticks look really awesome ^^ Those lashes need to be mine as well :P Great post!

  2. I need the polishes! The other makeup does look interesting too. :)

  3. I've never even heard of this brand, but I love everything I see!!
    I really want the nail polishes. The blush sticks look interesting too!

  4. I wish I could get my hands on Catrice around here; I want those polishes!

  5. ben benieuwt naar de lipsticks :D

  6. Deze L.E vind ik een beetje tegenvallen, er zit niet echt iets bij waarvan ik denk dat moet ik hebben.

  7. Lovely blog and loving the nail colors.

  8. Nepwimpers van veren...? Oke, grappig haha.

  9. I think these shades are not that original, but anyway they look so pretty !
    I need them all ;)

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