3 new Essence collections coming up!

Essence is coming with 3 new limited editions. 

First up: You Rock! LE
Let the open-air festival season begin – it’s time for loud music, wild hair and partying like there’s no tomorrow! essence has the ultimate must-haves for a cool festival look.  With long-lasting textures and practical little helpers for freshening-up on the campsite, the trend edition “you rock!” ensures awesome rock and roll style. From May until June 2011, fans are going to want to hit the stage with these rocking products.

Nail polish. 01 cut off the beige, 02 love, peace and purple, 03 kings of mints, 04 let me in pink and 05 speed of light blue. Around €1,49. Do I see another Chanel Paradoxal dupe?

Lip stain. 01 let me in rose and 02 your pink is on fire. Around €1,99

 01 rock chick´s palette. Around €3,99

01 rock chick´s base. Around €2,29. Now this is a handy product! I don't think I've ever seen an eyeshadow base in Essence's collections. 

01 rock chick’s brush. Around €1,29

01 rock chick’s refresher. Around €1,99

These polishes look quite nice but once again (and again!) Essence is stealing a couple things from other brands. But they're defenitely not the only brand that does this. Over all I do like this collection and the theme, some of the names are dull though.

Next up: Meet Me @Holographics.com LE. More information about this one isn't available yet.

 Nail polishes. CO1 gagalectric, CO2 lil@c, CO3 blue ray, C04 prism@tic white und CO5 holoberry. Around €1,79. Maybe this time, their "holographic" polishes will really be holographic. If so, I need them. 

Eyeshadows. C01 gagalectric, CO2 lil@c und CO3 prism@tic white. Around €2,29.

Lipgloss. C01 lil@c, CO2 holoberry und CO3 prism@tic white. Around €1,79. 

Liquid eyeliner. CO1 blue ray und CO2 prism@tic white. Around €2,29. 

Holograpic body lotion that gives your skin a nice scent and shine. Around €3,99

Bracelet with summerlook (?) Around €1,99.

I adore holographic things. So this one is nice. The only thing is: The name Gagalectric makes me puke.  

The last one: Sun Club Bondi Beach LE
summer, sun and the sun club bondi beach collection! there’s no better way to start the summer! the new trend edition sun club “bondi beach collection” by essence has lots of useful little beauty products in store this may and june 2011 to conjure-up a gorgeous beach look and create a relaxed mood at sunset. eyeshadows and nail polishes in the brightest and trendiest summer colors combined with soft sand and aqua shades as well as waterproof eyeliner and mascara – get into the mood for a vacation with the sun club bondi beach products!

Nail polish. 01 pink heat, 02 chasing waves, 03 splash refresh, 04 sunset and 05 golden sands. Around €1,79

Eyeshadow palette. 01 south beach and 02 long beach. Around €2,99

Gel eyeliner. 01 black, 02 brown and 03 blue. Around €2,99

Bronzing powder. 01. Brown. Around €2,99.

Gel Eyeliner Brush. Around €1,29.

Waterproof mascara. Around €2,79.

Make-up remover gel. Around €1,49.

This one looks quite normal, but I do like the polishes. And if my eyes weren't too sensitive, I would buy the mascara.

Pfew.. That's it girls, long post. What do you think?


  1. Super gaaf! Ik kan niet wachten tot ze allemaal in de winkel komen, ben benieuwd naar de holographics!

    xo Elize

  2. Ik wil die duochrome lakjes zo graag uitproberen!!

  3. looks more like duochromes/multichromes than holos though?

  4. I agree with terry, they do kinda look like duochromes. whatever they are they pretty!

  5. Hmm.. When I saw the first Rock-line, I thought 'yay!'. But when I saw the colours, the first thing that came to mind was 'this is not rock at all'.. Shame.
    But the holos look great! I would love to test those eyeshadows

  6. @Texie. you're right but I think they went on about the summer and festival theme for the colors of you rock!

    @ all
    I agree, the holo's look more duochrome and as we're used to, their holo's aren't too special, but the colours look really nice as duochrome too

  7. These are globally very interesting, but I wonder (like every one of us lol) if the Holografics will be real holos ... They just look like duochromes :s

  8. ben benieuwt naar alle lakjes :D

  9. Looooove the holos, of course, like you!
    And the sun club, it's so summery I can't wait to see them in person. I'm not so sure about the others though.
    I agree the holos do look like duochromes to me too

  10. ik ben heel benieuwd naar de holo lakjes!

  11. I sure as heck hope that Rock You will be sold in Holland! It has some fun things I'd like to take with me to a festival ^^ I'm also very interested in the sun club polishes, they look fun and vibrant!


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