Preview: a lot of new Catrice polishes!

CATRICE Ultimate Nail Lacquer
A wow-effect is guaranteed: ultimate intensity, ultimate shine and ultimate coverage – now new 19 times over! With just one stroke of the innovative professional brush, your nails will become this season’s ultimate high fashion accessory - to go with every outfit and every mood. Formaldehyde-free. Around 2.49 €*.

CATRICE Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat NEW

An absolute essential in a new outfit: the Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat. Its tried and tested quality that makes nail polish dry faster, offers additional shine and gives it more resistance will remain the same: unbeatable! Formaldehyde-free. Around 2.49 €*.

CATRICE Prismatic Effects Top Coat NEW

Iridescent effects in white and blue turn this into a true eye-catcher: the Prismatic Effects Top Coat can be used solo or as a top coat to give other nail polishes a multi-facetted, duo chrome effect that changes according to the lighting. Simply irresistible! Formaldehyde-free. Around 2.49 €*.

Here are some of the pics of the real bottles 

CATRICE Ultimate Nudes NEW

The new elegance is delicate and nude. Six soft nude shades ranging from rosé to light beige - sometimes shimmering, sometimes with a subtle shine – tempt you towards a new, sophisticated style. Apply once for a natural effect and twice for more coverage. Formaldehyde-free. Around 2.49 €*.

I'm so excited! Some of the colors and new finishes look so good in the bottles. Like Dirty Berry.

source and If you mind me showing your pictures, you can contact me and I'll remove the immediately :)


  1. wow, catrice really amaze me, new polishes looks brilliant :-D

  2. In Germany we have the new colours already. Get Dirty Berry! It's the best lavender ever <3 But the others look really good as well, I'll have to get some more as soon as they're back in stock again.

  3. i realy realy realy look forward to the new collors! can't wait!!!

  4. Oh, you are killing me. :) They are gorgeous and I'm excited to try some of these as I've already arranged to swap for them. :)

  5. These look great. I need to find somewhere to get these from
    Kawaiinailart x

  6. Are these in the shops in the Netherlands already? I live close to Germany and planning a (shopping) trip to Kleve next week Saturday, are these any shops there I could find these possibly? Does anyone know?

  7. @intootje, no they're not in the netherlands yet. I believe they are in germany. I think DM in germany has them

  8. Ohhh it makes me crazy!!! I neeeed the new nail polishes! Catrice is doing a great job at the moment, their company members must be superhappy ;)


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