Preview: Essence Blossoms etc...

This new LE is supposed to be available in the end of March or April.

Eyeshadow. 3 colors. €1,99
Eye pencil, 2 colors 
Lip Gloss, 2 colors €1,79 (press text: opaque colors)
Multi Colour Powder €2,99
Liquid Blush, with a pump €2,49
Nailpolish, 5 colors €1,79 (presstext: light shimmer)
Eau de Toilette €6,99€ (fruity-fresh)
Ring = Solid Perfume  €3,99

I really look forward to this LE! Usually, I'm only interested in the polishes, but I adore and need the ring, it's super pretty and if it has perfume in it for this low price. Take me away. The polishes look nice and the colors are pretty and sweet, but it seems that all LE products are getting smaller, but they still sell them for the same price. The perfume seems like something I would wear too.



  1. yes, I think so too.
    the colours look pretty and very "spring".
    I don't know about the perfume, though, I tend to be a bit fussy on that. I'll give you that the ring is a must- with or without perfume!!

  2. nice!!! I'll get the ring, parfume and nailpolisches too! The are cute!!

  3. Leuk! Ahh ik wist nog niet dat er parfum in die ring zat *hebben!!*

  4. Ben benieuwd naar die liquid blush, de lakjes, en die multi color powder!

  5. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a necklace from pie n the sky if you'd like to check it out. :) x


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