OPI Shatter Collection of 6 colors

Since their Black Shatter is very popular, OPI too decided to make a full crackle polish collection. In the picture above there's also a sealing topcoat in the display.

There are 6 colors. They chose simple colors like black and white, but also a bright red and blue and two of their succes colors which are a teal/turquoise and a navy color. If you're missing a silver one, you can get the Silver Shatter in the Pirates of the Carribean Collection.

They are supposed to be sold starting in May.

Are you getting tired of the crackles everywhere or do you love them?



  1. Love them, especially the bottom three.

  2. can't wait for the navy, turquoise and silver!!! sure the top coat will come in handy too ... looking forward to swatches

  3. Totally not tired seeing new crackle colours like the navy and the turquoise one!

  4. Well after all colors have been crackled...I am so ready for something new!

  5. I will most definitely be picking up the teal and the silver! :D


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