Name my franken!

About a week or two ago, a guy in my class gave me a little jar of white glitters with a blue flash. He told me he had used them for carnaval and had a couple jars left, so he gave it to me to use for my nail-art. How sweet! The first thing I wanted to do was make a franken. So I picked a bottle of clear MAX polish (from the Dutch drugstore Action) and threw some glitter in. I thought it would look like Kiko 270, but with smaller glitters. It looked really nice but as I started shaking the bottle, the glitters lost their color so there wasn't anything special left. So I decided to make a franken with more than just clear polish and glitter.

Close up. You can see the red and gold glitter and if you look closely you can see some flakies too!

The recipe: 
I basically threw a billion things together until I had what I wanted, so I can't exactly remember what's in it, but I'll try.

2/3 bottle of clear MAX polish
the white glitter that lost colour
8 drops of Orly Snowcone (blue pastelish colour)
4 drops of WIC by Herôme Amsterdam (bright red)
3 drops of China Glaze It's My Turn (gold holo from the Kaleidoscope coll.)
2 drops of MAX Black
5 drops of Hema #11 (gold foil)
8 drops of L.A Colors nail art red glitter
4 drops of a clear 2 way stiper with gold glitter
5 drops of Milani Gold Glitz (Rockstar coll.)
5 drops of Milani Red Sparkle (Rockstar coll.)
3 drops of Golden Rose Scale Effect 13(flakie)

That's about it! So if you want to make this you can just use a clear, light blue and bright red polish with gold and red glitters, in stead of throwing glitters etc. from a million different brands in it!

I did use Safari You Nailed It!  (YES a polish with my blogname!) as a base to make sure that the franken wasn't too sheer because of the big amount of clear polish.

Oh and this is a vague (on purpose!) picture of what it looks like when your jar of glitter decides to jump off your desk!

Do you know a nice name for this franken? :)


  1. heel leuk!

  2. Wow, variety of polish went into this one. Maybe you should call it Random? lol its a very pretty color and looks fabulous on you.

  3. Three came to mind:
    1. Times Square
    2. New Years Eve
    3. Purple Confetti

  4. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes. Thanks dear! Haha I know. I think I'd rather use a bit from a lot of different polishes in stead of "wasting" a lot of polish from a bottle of polish I love. Random sounds good, maybe random purple or something :)

  5. hodge Podge :) Just because it has a little bit of everything:)

  6. What about Plum Sparkle? This is really pretty by the way!!

  7. I feel like its an icy plum- like how when it snows in spring, and the new blossoms and fruit get all frosted . Yum

  8. I love how everyone sees something else in it! Really cool :) You've come up with some nice names but I don't know which one to choose yet!

  9. Leuk! Ik wil dit ook nog eens doen

  10. That is a very cool franken =)

    Barney's Night Out

  11. 'Square plam' maybe... Or Amethystine or amethystine glitter... If you're gonna use one of those, please say that it was me who came up with te name...^^

  12. I would called it 'Midnight Fantasy' =]
    I love the colour you made <3
    it reminds me of OPI's Merry Midnight <3


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