Nail mail!

I swapped with the lovely Nicoletta from Italy. We spent some time figuring out what we wanted and I had so much fun swapping with her! She got me some awesome things.

3 KIKO holo's in my favorite colors

Awesome polish with white/blue hexagons, white shimmer polish, possible Zoya Valerie dupe purple and a nice blue one.

Astra polishes which surprised me, they apply so well and I love the colors.

Traditional made in Turin candy, a card of Turin and some liquorice/mint candy. I also got a pink/peachy Golden Rose frost polish but I accidentily removed the pictures with that one on it.

Close up of KIKO 270, it look so good over dark colors. Applied over black the hexagons look blue. I can't wait to wear this one.

Thank you Nicoletta! I'm happy to swap with you again :)


  1. Wahou!!
    I'm jealous!!
    I love every thing!

  2. Oh cool! I'm going to Turin in June so I'm glad to see they have some polishes worth looking out for! I love the hexagons.
    Stacie xoxox

  3. ahh, those look awesome! KIKO 270 especially!!~ :)

  4. I'm so jealous!!! I LOOOOOVE Kiko, can't wait to go back to Italy or Germany so I could visit a store again. I have some of these polishes there, they are brilliant!

  5. Ahhhhh I want that KIKO 270 too!!

    Very nice, can't wait to see a swatch of it!


  6. Oh My God. I need to swap with a lovely lady from italy!

  7. @Beauty Addict. there stores look so awesome, Nicoletta showed me a picture of their displays and I went crazy :P

    @Rachel Marie. Haha you should

  8. oh wow! I am super jelous!!

    I may have to change holiday plans to do some shopping lol

  9. I have some from Kiko, sparkle touch amongst others. It's awesome for layering! :) Need to check those holos out!

  10. I felt compelled to say something! I'm very happy Renée loved what I got for her and I'm super glad everybody seems to like it too! I had great fun hunting for those cuties and swapping with her has been a real pleasure through and through. I'd be more than willing to got find any of those polishes or any other polish to whoever might be interested in swapping with me.
    If you want to get in touch my mail is
    Renée's friends are my friends!! ^-^
    xoxox Nicky


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