Monica will launch Orly polish line

Monica, an American R&B singer has made the deal to launch 6 Orly polishes this Summer. Each bottle will have an inspirational quote on it to remind us to stay focused and encouraged and to enjoy life, love, work etc. I think the quote is a very good idea. I love those little things that give you a good feeling. (Hey, I blog about nail polish.) 

Monica posted this picture on twitter. I've seen this picture a while ago and I first thought these bottles were from Orly's Cosmic Fx Collection, but no it's Monica's collection. So I'm eager to see better pictures of these pretties.

A little video of Monica talking about her upcoming collection. I personally didn't know Monica before this, maybe it's because I'm Dutch. So how famous is she exactly? EDIT. I do know one old song of her, thanks to a lovely commenter. I just couldn't remember her from how she looks now.

What do you think about this collection, and is Monica the right person for you to make an Orly collection?


  1. yu dont remember song "the boy is mine" with Brandy? It was a very well-known song few years ago :)

    I can wait for this collection :>

  2. @Sabbatha. Oh I actually do! haha :)

  3. That's right, but that song is soooooooo old. :) I can remember the video, it was playing that boy from ER but I don't know any song from her more. :) They look promising but agree, they looks like Cosmic Fx. We'll see. :)

  4. hey it does look a lot like the cosmic fx collection... which i just purchased a couple of days ago, and at a ridiculous price, being stuck here in HK without all those awesome brands you guys get. haha i'm really looking forward to seeing how different they'll be! i mean, seeing as the shades (moss green, blue, turquoise, etc) look so similar...x))

  5. Super leuk!!!!
    I really hope these will be just as amazing as the Cosmic FX collection, but with different colors. And who the f*** is Monica??? :-)

  6. Is that really her collection?
    It looks exactly like the Cosmix FX Collection, right down the finishes and distribution of colors.

  7. @Ivana. Good old times ;)

    @terry. "stuck" in HK? I'd love to there some day! And I have to buy on the internet too, no Orly inhere :P and they do look so alike.

    @PolishSis. That's what I thought haha but sabbatha told me about an old video of her, now I remember her.

    @ChaosButterfly. Yeah she tweeted it! It looks exactly like cosmic fx

  8. I hope these are like the cosmic FX collection I think they will be very popular if they are no matter who she is XD
    Stacie @kawaiinailart

  9. I'm curious about this collection! And The Boy is Mine <3 awesome song!

  10. I've no doubt I will buy these when they come out. But that's more to because I'm an Orly fan. I know next to nothing about Monica other than I am jealous of her getting to work with Orly.

  11. ooo they do look pretty, can't wait to see more of them

  12. Oh, I know she tweeted it, but I just don't think it's her collection. It just looks way too much like the Cosmic FX collection for me to believe that it's her's.
    Did she actually say it was hers?


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