Comparison: Berries

I adore berry colors and the real fruit, so I'll compare a couple to show you which one is the best.

Catrice Caramé Collection Berry Bazaar - Essence Colour & Go Plum Perfect - Essence Multi Dimension Hot Stuff.

(DRY CUTICLES! Need to take better care of them.) From left to right: Plum Perfect - Hot stuff - Berry Bazaar - Plum Perfect. You can see that BB has more red in it.

PP: 2 coats. It was a bit thick, like al the Colour & Go polishes, so you need to be quick on the applying.
HS: 2 coats. It applied normal and was not as thick as PP.
BB: 2 coats. It applied normal but seemed a bit thicker than lest time I used it.

Since Berry Bazaar is a Limited Edition polish, I would recommend Hot Stuff.

What's your favorite berry color?


  1. Denk dat ik Hot Stuff het mooist vind!

  2. berry bazaar is very pretty shame its a LE

  3. Oeh I like it! Heel mooie kleuren :D x

  4. I have BB, it's really pretty !
    But my fave in your swatch is Plum Perfect, I mus buy this one :p

  5. My vote goes to Hot Stuff, since it applies better than Plum Perfect. :)


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