Seven Things...

Millie from Perdy Claws tagged me for this challenge. Thanks girl!

7 things I have to do before I die:
Travel the world
Get the most awesome job (still wondering what that actually is, but something with living)
Find the love of my life. (Do I sound pathetic? Haha no I love being single too!)
Get singing classes, well, actually be able to sing well 

Picking up my acoustic guitar again to play it well.
To make this blog the most successful out of the bunch. (Impossible?)

7 things I say all the time:
Oh my god
"Kind toch" in a sarcastic way (if you're not Dutch, go get a dictionairy haha)And I was like... 

7 things I'm good at:
Dancing (Ballet, Modern, Hiphop etc)
Other languagues (Dutch, English, French, German)
Thinking and being creative
Helping people
Using my sarcastic humor all the time
spelling, writing, verb forms etc. it's hard in Dutch for a lot of people :')

7 flaws:
I'm sooo bad at math, hahahahaI had such a hard time deciding what I wanted to study, I just like too many things, so I'm always wondering if what I chose was right, even though I like it a lot.I can be a bit chaotic sometimes. well just look at my room, it explains my mind
On the other hand I can work in a great pace and structure, so it's different from the flaw before, this means my mood can be different a lot of the times?

I can be very quit if I don't know you. I wait to see which way the cat jumps.
I can't stop listening to a song untill I know the lyrics. + I know every word of every Jonas Brothers song. I love to put this in the flaw section. Sorry fans hahah
I had the hardest time coming up with 7 flaws, is that a bad thing? 

7 qualities:
I love animals

People trust me easily
I always keep my promises
I'm good at having fun, with friends or just by myself.
I'm very open minded
I'm most passionate about little things. nails!

I tag Ivana, Tracey and Sarah. Go for it girls!


  1. Thank you for tag. <3 I already wrote 7 things down. :) It was nice to read this, I would love to go bungeejumping too. <3


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