Review: Kelier Crackle Polish

This is Kelier Crackle Polish, sold at Born Pretty Store. I chose the purple one. You can see the color of the crackles :) I love to apply crackle polish on my current mani after a couple days when it starts to chip, so the mani can last longer.

As I'm used to with crackle polishes, I have to apply it very quickly, because they dry super fast, that explains the slighty messy application. Not what I expected: the drying took soooo long, I had plenty of time to take pictures. It actually looks really nice and vampy like this too!

After waiting for it to - finally - dry, I noticed that when a part started to crack, it just fell off my nail. This is what I ended up with after tapping a little on the table with my fingers. I'm sorry? It only attached to my chips and not to the polish. Here's the thing: don't apply it when you've used a topcoat.

Here I tried it on different colors, and not over a topcoat. Some crackle polish dry different on wet nails, so I tried that too on my indexfinger, as you can see, don't try this at home haha. When it's not applied over a topcoat, it dries like a normal polish and the cracks are nice and small like lightning.

My rarely seen thumb. Applied over Orly Snowcone. I like it!

Over all I like these crackle polishes and I like how the cracks are. Be sure not to apply it over a topcoat, cause then it won't attach.

The Crackle polishes come in seven different colors. Blue, Black, Watermelon, Purple, Red, Green and Yellow. They're sold for $4.52 per bottle. Born Pretty also offers a bundled set of four bottles (Black, Blue, Green and Red) for $15.29. They actually call it "Crack Polish" which is funny to me. Polish is my crack. (Do I sound pathetic? I bet you all understand me and feel the same, well, the female readers do. And yes I have male readers too, haha)

If you want a discount of 10% on all their products, use code YNI10K31

These products were provided to me for review. This hasn't influenced my opinion at all. For more information see my Disclosure page.


  1. HIj lijkt op de blauwe kelier waar ik laatst een review over heb gedaan.
    Is het echt de paarse? Want die van mij is kobaltblauw maar lijkt er erg op :)

  2. @Linnie, ja het is echt de paarse. paars is moeilijk om te fotograferen, maar ik zie wel een verschil tussen deze en de blauwe

  3. Nou.. dan weet je dat ook weer. Ik heb nog geen crackle nagellak maar daar komt binnenkort verandering in.


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