Review: Born Pretty Store + Discount Code

Born Pretty Store is a webshop that sells nail-art, nail polish and anything else nail-art related. This is what I got to review. A very nice liver colored polish from DICI, 3 glitters from B.O, a vampy purple crackle polish from Kelier and a nail-art brush.  I will feature everything in different post, and I'll begin with the cute little B.O bottles.

I really like the glitter polishes that comes in all different colors and glitters. I love the first one, silver and gold glitter with blue hexagons! There is something strange though. They've used the same font as O.P.I and as you can see on the bottom, it says: OPI Pr(o)ducts and Original Nail Envy, which ofcourse isn't true. I don't even know if this is legal, but I do know that the polishes smell really bad so they're defenitely not Big 3 free. At least the bottles do say to keep away from heat and children and not to breathe vapors.

This is #B33 and it looks a lot like Zoya Charla! Possible dupe? It does have the same sheer quality and glass flecks and over a darker color it also looks quite the same. The only difference is that these flakes are more gold and Charla's (and all the dupes') are more green.

Close up to show the flakes. 

Born Pretty Store
+ They offer cheap products
+ They offer a lot of different nail-art stuff
+ They respond to your answers quickly and in a nice way

- Their products are not Big 3 free
- I don't know about them being alloud to duplicate other brands.

If you want a discount of 10% on all their products, use code YNI10K31

Born Pretty Nail Art

These products were provided to me for review. This hasn't influenced my opinion at all. For more information see my Disclosure page.


  1. The glitters are so beautiful!!
    I love them!

  2. Nee, er staat Prducts geen Products.
    Ik vind de voorkant en het puntje tussen de letter ook erg OPI-achtig.

  3. Weird with the text on the bottles! Like the color,

  4. @ Stephanie
    Ja precies, alles is OPI like. beetje raar he?

  5. ohhh die glitters zijn om te kwijlen zo prachtig!!!!

  6. Oké, je hebt t voor elkaar, heb een hele kleine bestelling geplaatst omdat ik erg benieuwd ben naar hun glitterlakken! :-)
    Bedankt voor de 10% korting!

  7. @ PolishSis
    haha wat leuk. blogs kunnen soms te overtuigend zijn he :P ik ken t

  8. Waarom stond ik niet in je follower lijst? Snap t niet :') ik volgde je toch?
    never mind, blogger fails denk ik...

    Leuke glitterz, ik heb alleen een blauwe crackle als lakje gekozen om te reviewen, ben zo bang dat die buitenlandse lakjes ontzettend stainen en moeilijk te verwijderen zijn :') ghehehe

  9. Ö It really is like OPI font. :/ Well, polish looks gorgeous, too bad it's not at least big 3 free. :)

  10. @ Linnie
    Oh raar, nou leuk dat je volgt :) De crackle werkte niet zo goed bij mij. Was toch heel benieuwd naar de glitters dus had ze toch maar gekozen.

    @ Ivana
    Well they smell really bad etc so they're probably not.

  11. Looks a lot like Zoya Crystal to me!

  12. I got this brand in china and they sell it in the same bottle as their "OPI" so I got both brand and I think they are all fakes. But the colors are nice :)


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