Preview: new OPI and China Glaze collections!

Every year, OPI designs a serie of "softshades" with delicate colors and pastels that are great for weddings. This year it will be Femme de Cirque.  

I don't think I'd buy them, but they might be a good base for French Mani's. 

This is the preview of the new Metro collection that is inspired by New York and will be launched in July. The colors seem really interesting! I see some really nice dusty colors and some glitters too! So something nice for everyone.

Skyscraper, a dark blue glitter
CG in the City, a silver glitter
Urban-Night, a purple creme
Traffic Jam, a dark pink creme
City Siren, a red/coral creme
Lofty (??) Ambitions, a dark red/berry shimmer. Wasn't able to read the name that well
Brownstone, a brown creme
Midtown Magic, a purple shimmer (do I see red too?)
Street Chic, a beige/greige creme
Concrete Catwalk, a grey/blue creme
Westside Warrioir, an army green creme
Trendsetter, ochre shimmer

I'm so interested in the CG Metro collection! These are the exact kind of colors I like.


  1. Where do you find this information?

  2. I think its lofty ambitions - they call me magic eyes at work :-D

  3. @ Stacie
    I think too. Haha I wish they'd call me magic eyes, I've had glasses since I was 4. I reaaally want to laser my eyes if I can.

    @ KeysGoRound
    I look around a lot and get PR info :)

  4. The China Glaze upcoming one looks amazing! Definitely going to try to get the whole set :)

  5. they both look interesting... especially the china glaze!

  6. The Metro collection looks to die for! Like I need another reason to look forward to summer!

  7. Seriously. I'm gonna need the whole New York inspired deal. Time to start saving! ;)


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