Preview: NEW Essence magnetics! Nail art twins and more!

I think Essence heard the complaints about the last magnet and they improved it. Why it's still only stripes, I don't know. On the bottle it seems that the pattern will be like the L'Oréal ones. I hope! It's nice to see them trying again, but the colors could've been a little bit more original

A silver stampy polish to match the black and white one.

Special effect toppers. The glitter ones look really nice!

Nail art pens, never tried them but they seem to work well.

Nail art stickers

Nail art tattoos.

Nail art stripers. The coral one looks good

Nail art twins. Oh my lord. I adore the blue/lavenderish base color! They all look really nice

New show your feet polishes. Great Spring colors!
Toe nail whitener

Toe nail fashion stickers.

Ankle tattoo's. Hmm I'm a little to old for that. Though the blossom seems nice :')

Eye shadows

Waterproof mascara. Nice!

Highlighter powder

They're expected to be in Germany in March, but for the Netherlands, it's still a question.

Aren't you excited?


  1. these loook sooo coool

    i wonder most the magnetci ones and the pens of course!!

  2. Oh wat leuk dat ze het verbeterd hebben, ik heb persoonlijk flink zitten balen om de andere magnets van essence. Als ik deze dingen zie, wil ik ze serieus ALLEMAAL! Hm naja dan ga ik nu mn spaarpot maares omkeren, wanneer is dit in de winkels?

    Liefs, Harriette.

  3. Haha I was looking at the magnetics polishes and wondering where is the difference between them. :D Well, we'll have to wait till they released them, because these are not real at all. I saw swatches of the twins Bella&Edward and Blair&Chuck and these are darker as on picture. :) Well, can't wait to see them in RL.

  4. I wish I could try theese but they don't sell anywhere in Sweden what I know about and I can't seem to find them online either. if you buy/get them, will you be doing swatches then, please? :)

  5. I wish so much that these would all be available here in the us...

  6. @hariette, ze worden in eind maart verwacht in duitsland maar voor nl is het nog niet helemaal duidelijk

    @Ivana, haha I did the same. appartently it's silver black pink etc if you look closely. Where did you find the swatches?

    @PerdyClaws, maybe you can find someone to swap? ofcourse I will :)

  7. @Ivana, thank you! :) Oh that's disappointing. But I do see some really nice catrice colors coming up!

  8. woooo! More twins! And metallics!
    I hope they'll arrive here in Italy, too!

  9. the nail art pens look fun and I've always loved essence nail art stickers - they make them so pretty. Thanks for the update. :)

  10. Since i knew about this, and also catrice's new products, i'm counting the days!

  11. OMG!!! I seem to be saying that often of late! but I mean it!I.WANT.THEM. I NEED the metallics the special effects and the twins. But I got the old ones and the need is less compelling for those haha!

  12. I wish Essence was easy to get in the UK. I haven't seen it stocked anywhere and they seem to do some great nail products. very fashion forward.
    If anyone know where I can these please let me know
    Stacie xoxox

  13. I have used a face high lighter some years back ( don't remember brand name)but that gave me so plastic shiny look, Have I missed some think? I also like the eye shade kit. Very nice post dear

  14. OMG, this post made me so greedy... :P Can't wait to see them in real life!

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