Preview: Essence Whoom! Booom!! Collection

The new essence whoom! boooom!! Collection will be launched in March.  
                                         01. Chacalaca                                    02. Andy You're a Star

                                   03. You've Got The Art                                  04. Roy's Red 
all polishes are €1,79

Mini nail files €1,59

Nail stickers €0,99

I decided to show all the other LE products too from now on, cause otherwise the make-up lovers have to search for the other products on other blogs.

Colour changing lipgloss €1,99 01 Muse Marilyn (changes purple to pink) - 02 Roy's Red (changes orange to fuchsia)

Cream eyeliner palette €2,99 01 Kawoom

 01. Chacalaca                                    02. Andy You're a Star

                                   03. You've Got The Art                            04. Roy's Red 
all mono eyeshadows ere €1,59

Well this collection is a bit too bright for me. Maybe I'll buy the purple polish. They're doing more nail-things than just polish, that's a nice thing. But ehm, the name of this collection? Are you supposed to pronounce it that crazy too? The color changing lipglosses seem really nice. I think I'll buy one! What do you think?


  1. i think they're super cute, but they are a little bright. hopefully they're not so bright in real life.

  2. I think I'll get the green polish, very cute!

  3. waarom doet dit mij denken aan de MAC Wonder Woman collectie? Hmmm.. Haha :) Nagellakkleurtjes zijn wel leuk, en zeker voor die prijs, maar niet heel erg speciaal.

  4. @ Lois
    Ik denk omdat die ook allemaal zo strip-achtig zijn en ook pop-art, wat ook in strips voor komt


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