Preview: Catrice Enter Wonderland Collection

The new Catrice LE "Enter Wonderland" will be sold in May and June

                        Nail polish C10 Forbidden Apple, C20 Lavenderlicious, C30 Wonderland Green Card and C40 Miracle Heaven €2,50

                                tip painter C10 Wizard Gold € 2,49

C10 Wonderland Green Card, C20 Miracle Heaven and C30 Lavenderlicious €3,79

Eyeshadow Higlighter C10 Fairy Dust €2,79

Highlighting powder C10 Fairy Dust €4,49

Eyeshadow brush €2,29

Lashes to suprise €3,99

Sparkling lipgloss C10 Forbidden Apple, C20 Snow White’s Lips and C30 Alice’s Hatter € 3,79

Metallic liner C10 Miracle Clouds en C20 Miracle Heaven € 2,99

This LE looks really good and I like the wonderland theme and the names added to the products. The polishes have nice colors, but like always they do come back in other collections. I also like the subtle gold tip painter. What do you think?


  1. niet echt een denderende collectie geloof ik hihi... maarja het is leuk dat essence wisselt in de collectie ;-)

  2. The polishes look nice and I like the lashes very interesting xoxox


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