NYC cosmetics available in the Netherlands!

The American cosmetics brand NYC will be available at Kruidvat (Dutch drugstore) starting in March! I always wanted to try some of their products and now we all can! 

I'm looking forward to trying some of their polishes and they only cost around €2,-

What do you think?



  1. Nice! I love NYC, they are cheap and still the quality is good.I cannot wait for March to come, so that I buy something!
    I have a couple of nail polishes, a foundation and a blush, they are pretty good.

  2. woohoo. Great news. Really excited to try these.

  3. Check around for reviews from bloggers you trust before buying too much. I know for me the eyeshadows have been disappointing, I have a few of the duos. We don't even have those singles in the US, so hopefully those will have better pigmentation. I do know that those bigger palettes with like 4 shadows, a primer, and a highlight have gotten good reviews. I've been meaning to pick one up. I have heard that the primer actually works great!

    The one product almost every American who tries them loves is the cream blush sticks. I don't see them on that display but I hope they are there or soon will be. I own and love 3 of them.

    I also have a pressed powder which I am mostly happy with, the product is fine, but the packaging disappointed me. I bought it to put in my purse and didn't notice that you just pull the top off, well in a purse that top pops off and you get dings in your product and powder in your purse. So now I just use it at home as my finishing powder and have a different normal compact from another brand in my purse.

    Those polishes have mixed reviews, I like all the ones I have, but I've heard that other buyers don't like them. I forget why though! lol

  4. wow, lucky you! it looks awsome :D

  5. @harriette, in de usa is het best bekend

    @Donna, thanks for letting me know all this. i'll just try a couple but I guess only the polishes for now

  6. Woohoo! That's awesome! I get along VERY well with these polishes, but like with everything, you probably need to try a few before you'll know how well they will work for you. Can't wait to see how you like them!

  7. I've never heard of this brand before! But now I will definitely check it out! Great blog!


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