Nail care: cuticle oil (+ naked nails!)

I use Sally Girl Cuticle Oil I got in a swap as an extra, so I don't know what it costs. It's an oil that has a neutral soft smell and it's easy to apply with the brush.

Naked stained nails! I chose the picture that made my nails look less yellow on purpose so it's worse in real life. I still haven't found a base that protects from staining. Here you can see it applied. It takes a little while to absorb but I think that no cuticle oil fully does.

I also use nail care pens and cuticle oil pens but I'll show them later. 

What do you use for your cuticles?


  1. jealous of your long nails! my nails are naturally short and are hell to grow out and keep them long!

  2. Thank you girls :)
    It was really hard for me to grow them too! But I started using vitamin pills for nails, hair and skin and now it's way better

  3. wohohoow, jouw nagelbedden :O
    echt mooie nagels hoor!
    Voor mijn nagelriempjes gebruik ik Lemony Flutter ;D


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