Ehm. GOSH is NOT leaving the Netherlands anymore.

Remember I told you that GOSH Cosmetics was about to be discontinued? I read this information at a couple blogs and websites that usually speek the truth. So I believed it. They said that the budget brands sell better than GOSH etc. I was still a little suspicious, but when I found out that NYC cosmetics was going to be sold in Kruidvat too, it all made sense to me, because if something comes in, something else has to go. As disappointed as I was, I thought you all had to know it too so I blogged about it.

When I suddenly heard other people saying different things, I got suspicious again. After some contact with GOSH, they told me that all the rumors aren't true and that GOSH is actually going pretty well! They are even planning an assortiment change!

What we should all learn from this. Don't just trust a blog or a website- even if it's big and successful and usually tells the truth - on what they say, because it can all be gossip. So never trust any source and keep on searching until you find the truth from the company itself.

I just had to add this one (:

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  1. LOL, blogs are like one of the biggest and best ways to spread gossip and misinformation.
    But at least it's all worked out now. Good job turning it into a teachable moment! ^_^


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