Preview: W.I.C by Herôme Summer Collection "Morocco"

Morocco is the country of color, hot deserts, endless beaches, Arab culture and oriental beauty. WIC got inspired by this beautiful country.Their six new summer colors are named after colorful Moroccan cities. A tribute to Morocco - Get inspired! 

The Wind City
Whitewashed houses with blue accents and wind everywhere. Those are the characteristics of Essaouira. This city is nicknamed "the Windy City and is the ideal paradise for kitesurfers. Nature plays a big role in this city and that's why WIC Essaouira is a fresh green/mint color. 

Maze of Stone 
The lively and colorful city of Fes is the best preserved medieval city in Morocco and is known as the cultural and spiritual center that offers a mix of older, Arab neighborhoods and an area with modern Western hotels and wide boulevards. The city is a maze of stone buildings, a mix of two different cultures in one world and that's why WIC Maze of Stone is a gray color. 

The Red City 
Marrakech is the Red City of Morocco because of the red buildings and walls. In addition, the city also known as the pleasure city, where much money is spent on entertainment. Think belly dancers. In short, this vibrant city deserves the vivid red color!

City of Gardens! 
Rabat is the capital of Morocco and is known as the city of gardens. This elegant city offers a blend of history and modern culture. The elegance of the city is reflected in the wide boulevards, luxury shops and especially the flowers fields and gardens. Rabat stands for colorful and elegant WIC City Of Gardens is a bright purple.

Pink loves Tangier 
Tangier was an international city because of its location and its own tax laws. Tangier is known for international films and was also one of the first accessible cities for gay people. Therefore and because of the modern character, WIC Pink Loves Tangier has a summery pink shade. 

The road to desert 
Zagora is situated at the foot of the Sahara, many trips are organized from this city to the desert. That's why WIC The Road to Desert has a warm, sweet orange color.  

On to my opinion. I can really see Morocco in this collecion and some of the colors are really nice, The Wind City and Maze of Stone are not that original and I think the colors are used too much lately. The other colors are nice and I would defenitely wear all of them. I'm not the biggest lover of bright colors, but these colors aren't that bright, more a bit toned down and dusty. I might be buying some of these! This is the first collection where I would like to have all of the colors. Well done Herôme!

This collection will be available from the end of March and a bottle will cost €7,50 and €12,50 for 2 bottles. They'll be available in some Dutch stores like Douglas and on


  1. Ik heb van W.I.C een paarse nagellak, en hij dekt heel erg goed.

  2. Ik kwam via via op je blog terecht en ik wil je even zeggen dat ik je blog echt super vindt! Ga zo door.

    The W.I.C. lakjes hier boven zien er echt leuk uit! The wind city zou ik wel aanschaffen als ik ze in de douglas zie

  3. @Kelly
    Wat lief, leuk om te horen! dankje :) Ik koop zelf niet vaak W.I.C maar hier van ga ik er denk ik wel wat kopen!


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