Preview: Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber Collection Spring 2011

The One Less Lonely Girl Collection was such a succes that it has sold out at every Wal-Mart store. For the beliebers (god, why am I using this word?) that weren't able to get some polishes, a new collection will be launched this Spring.

The colors
-Ready to Runaway Love? Dark red creme
-One Time Lime. Lime green creme 
-I'm a Belieber. Bright blue leaning purple
-My Lifesaver. Mint/light blue creme
-Not a Gold Bigger. Metallic gold
-I've Got Bieber Fever. Dark purple
-Make U Smile. Silver glitter

Bieber's second collection will probably be another big success so if you want to get some of the polishes, you should hurry when they're there.


  1. wow. i had no idea these were sold out.

  2. Hahahaha die namen!
    Ik vind die lichtblauwe trouwens wel 't mooist!


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