Preview: Essence Crackle polishes!

Essence will be adding a lot of things to their collection in March and here's another. Even the budget brands are doing crackle now! This "Cracking" LE will have 4 polishes in 2 steps. step 1 is a base color and step 2 are crackle top coats

I don't think they will be available in the Netherlands, I know they will in Germany and maybe in countries like Spain. In Germany they will cost €1.79 and around €2,50 in other countries. Please Essence, just put them in all stores, they will be sold wherever you sell them!

I know a lot of readers don't like crackle polishes. I do, but I'm kinda getting over them already. It is nice though for the low budget readers that can finally get them in drugstores!


  1. I agree, I love a good crackle but there are getting too much of them. Ah Well, I don't really mind but what's up with all the black ones?

  2. leuke blog (:

  3. aubbb kom naar nl ik smeek u!

  4. @ Linnie

    I don't know, I guess that black is a nice color to make a contrast with othet colors.

    @ Femme
    Dankje :)

  5. Ik hoopte al heel erg dat Essence met crack nagellak zou gaan komen!
    En ik hoop nog veeeeeel harder dat ze ook naar NL gaan komen!!

  6. gelukkig ga ik op uitwisseling in mei!
    naar duitsland!
    hopelijk kan ik er dan een paar score!!!!!!


  7. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de kwaliteit van deze lakjes! Jammer dat ze waarschijnlijk niet naar Nederland komen! :(

    Leuke blog heb je trouwens! Ik ben je gaan volgen :)

  8. But why are there base-colors to this series? Can't you use any polish? I thought the silver was a crackle which would be a good idea since most crackle-polish (any brand) aren't metallic.

  9. Oh pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase bring 'em to holland <3

  10. @ Kelly
    Leuk, dankje

    @ Schumt
    You can use any polish as a base color. I think that black and white are nice colors to make a contrast with base colors. P2 does have a silver crackle polish


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