Preview: Catrice Floralista Collection

The new Limited Edition "Floralista" by Catrice is inspired by flowerpatterns on the runway that will be a trend in spring. This LE will show vibrant colors as well as subtle, shiny pastel shades. Ofcourse I only picked the polishes to show.

01. Pink Spring
Since when is a purple a pink? Well maybe the presspics will differ from the real colors again? I like cremes and purples, so that's nice, but yet again, not too original.

02. Coral's Enchanted Garden
Ohh I love corals, but weren't they already a trend last year?  

03. Lavender Breeze
Once again, or the presspics show a grey and it is a lavender in real life, or it really is a grey more than a lavender. I do like the color though, reminds me of Pebble Beach from the Oceana LE.

04. Walk in the Woods 
A nice beige/greige kind of color which seems to be very work appropriate and a nice color for a cremelover like me.

Over all I don't get all the names yet, but like almost always, the colors can differ from the real ones. Again, it's not that original, but I do like the colors and the fact that there are both bright and subtle colors in this LE and I like the cute bottle design. This collection will be available in February and March 2011. 
What do you think?

Renee, YNI


  1. Coral's Enchanted Garden is my fave and the bottles are gorgeous! Roll on February!

  2. Some of those look really nice :D

  3. They look lovely. The bottles also look like they've had a bit of Konad stamping too, lol!

  4. Hmm.. Niet echt heel speciaal. Ik ga zeker Walk in the Woods kopen, zo een kleur wil ik nog, en de rest wacht ik af. Ik denk dat ze in het echt anders eruit zien. Aan de andere kant, ik kan geen een paars lakje laten staan, dus dan koop ik Pink Spring ook!

  5. I think I need to find someone to swap with, because these look very good to me. :) The flowers on the bottles are so pretty.

  6. @KarenD:
    Ofcourse I'd be glad to help a lacquerlover out!

  7. Hi Renee
    I absolutely love these polishes. I also happened to see the rest of the LE and it seems pretty good to me. As you say, not very original, but overall cute!
    Baci The Magpie :)


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