Jason Wu launches CND collection + TWEED LOOK TOPCOAT!

Designer Jason Wu (who outfitted people like Michelle Obama) is cooperating with nail polish brand CND and will launch a Limited Edition that will feature 5 polishes this Spring. This collection pays tribute to iconic beauties in the fashion world.

Anna (or The Anna Effect), this is a topcoat that will give your nails a tweed look thanks to microscopic fibres. 
Miss Wu, his signature color, a pale grey that dries matte/suede that can be worn any time of the year.
Brigitte, a warm pink, named after actrice, model and singer Brigitte Bardot.
Sophia, a mushroom taupe, named after the Italian actrice Sophia Loren.
Veronica, a vampy red named after the American actrice and pin-up model Veronica Lake.

The polishes will cost around $9,95 and $45 for the whole package.

I have no clue how a topcoat will give your nails a tweed look, but definitely worth trying, right?


  1. wow i'm very interested in these colors! :D

  2. Fibers in polish? I'm picturing like...hairy nails. LOL!
    Well, it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. Thanks for the info! :D


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