I present to you: You Nailed It! (a nail polish with my blogname!)

The sweet Marian and Mandy from MardyMakeUpShop needed names for all their Safari polishes. I helped them choosing names and I even got to name one You Nailed It! So here it is, a polish with my blogname on it! It's a really nice purple that flashes blue shimmer. My favorite colors are purple and blue, so this was the perfect match.

You Nailed It! in flash, the blue shimmer shows. Don't you love it?

Is there a polish with your (blog)name on it? I have Zoya Renee and Deborah Lipmann Just Walk Away Renee too! 


  1. i dont see the blog title on the polish bottle?!?!

  2. @ Kirs
    No that's right. they named it on the website

  3. So fyn!!
    You must be so proud!!
    Nice polish!

  4. I don't think i do... hahaha, that's so awesome!


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