Claire's mood polishes: Skittles + Video

I've had these polishes since they were released, but I had so many other things to show you and I guess the colors are too bright for me, so that's why I'm just swatching them now.

 From L to R: Peaceful/Confident - Innocent/Daring - Fabulous/Funky - Happy/Earthy on cold hands.

These are the colors that appear on warm hands after holding them in hot water.

Here I have cold hands and the water is hot. You can see that the colors change immediately when the temperature changes, but not all colors change as much as others do. The green and grey one change a lot but on the blue one you can hardly see the difference. I'll make different posts to show you all the polishes on their own.

Over all I do like the concept of mood polish, but the colors are too bright for what I would usually wear. I do really like the new blue one called Flirty/Shy, so if you, one of my dear readers have one left, contact me (:

As you can see I added my blogname to my pictures, cause I like my own pictures not to be stolen (: 


  1. wow
    although seems that the blue color that's not changed a lot,i still like the blue one the best :-)

  2. I love these polishes!!
    We haven't got them in france )=

  3. @ rock-or-not:
    We don't have them in The Netherlands either, but if you want them you'll have to swap for it.

  4. Jammer dat ze deze nooit in Europe hebben verkocht.


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