Claire's mood polish Peaceful/Confident

This is Claire's moodpolish Peaceful/Confident. This is the color I like the most from the ones I have, but it's the one that changes the less. This is after holding my hand in cold water.

This is how it looks after holding my hand in hot water.

You can see that the colors doens't change that much, but I still like it eventhough Flirty/Shy is my favorite one  so it's on my wishlist.

Do you like this one?


  1. Ik vind deze minder dan de andere, omdat je het verschil minder ziet. Maar ik heb inmiddels al 3 claire's afgezocht maar kan die mood polishes dus gewoon niet vinden tussen de nagellakjes enzo.. :(

  2. @ LISA:
    Ze zijn niet te koop in nederland, alleen in de usa en canada


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