The BBB: Best Budget Blue

This lovely blue is a polish from the Hema Metallic line. For those of you who don't know, Hema is Dutch department store that sometimes sells some little polish gems.

Look at the foilyness. It's so shiny and costed around €2,50/$3,40
The metallic line also has a green, black and purple

What is your BBB?


  1. Toch maar even langs de HEMA, leuke blog heb je! zag hem via girlscene!

  2. Hi darling,

    Did you say GREEN!!!! I want them too!!
    Nice swatches. And I absolutely adore your nails.
    Wish mine were half as beautiful!! :)
    Kus Your friend the Magpie HAHA

  3. I'm running to HEMA immediately! ^^ Looks like a gorgeous blue!

  4. @ Inge
    Dankje :)

    @ Nicoletta
    Haha i'll look for them (:

    @ AmyGrace
    haha you should. it is right?


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