Preview: China Glaze Crackle Glaze

Another collection China Glaze will launch: Crackle Glaze. As the name says, it's a line of 6 crackle polishes. Yes, CG jumped on the crackle train too.

The colors:
Lightning Bolt - White crackle topcoat
Cracked Concrete - Grey crackle topcoat
Black Mesh - Black crackle topcoat
Crushed candy - Turquoise crackle topcoat
Broken Hearted - Pink crackle topcoat
Fault Line - Purple crackle topcoat 

I like crackle topcoats, but I'm already getting a little bored out by them because everybody's suddenly blogging about it. How do you feel?


  1. I never really got into them to be honest. They seem overdone and like a off-shoot of the chipped tips trend, another thing I dislike. I just prefer more traditional finishes and lots n lots of unbridled shine. :)

    (I do kinda like the Concrete or Broken-hearted one though, I can see some interesting combos with those)

  2. I never liked these type of polishes.

  3. hmm I thought I wanted to see more colours than the black that everyone is releasing (barry m, OPI etc) and in theory I should love the turquoise and even the purple ones, but I am not interested.

    This is something I remember from my childhood, when I was 10, maybe it should stay a memory?

  4. True I liked it as a child. Its an intreting texture I wouldnt mind to try, but not something I would were a lot.


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