CLOSED - 450+ Followers Give Away!

Because I passed 450 followers I want to thank you all by having a give away!

This is what you can win:
1. P2 Being In Heaven
2. Essence Glisten Up!
3. Essence Choose Me!
4. Hema Matte Topcoat
5. Catrice Glamourama LE: Mirror, Mirror
6. Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans
7. Essence black/silver striped fashion stickers "14. So Hot"
8. Fake black lashes sponsored by
9. Fake black/purple lashes sponsored by
10. A simple extra: nivea for men shampoo sample to give to your hubby/boyfriend/brother/father. Maybe this will get him to support your nailpolish addiction!

Just fill in this form to enter!

If you want to use my picture for a blogpost, here is the link:

* for the people that coulnd't find my twitter. it's ReneeYNI (the form says that too)


  1. Congratulations! Fantastic giveaway!

  2. nice giveaway!!

  3. Nice giveaway! :D
    The nail stickers and mirror mirror are awesome :3

  4. leuke blog! ik volg je ♥

  5. thank you for this lovely giveaway

  6. Congratulations on your follower number! Yay! Well, you should be celebrating 500+ now. :D

  7. How lovely!
    Sincere congrats for your blog. I hope it'll keep on getting better and better.

  8. Actually it just looks like you inverted two digits in your title, since today you have 540 followers, congratulations!! :)
    ... and thank you for this nice giveaway!!

  9. @Lolaa:
    When I started this give away I had a little bit over 450 followers, but now I have 540 so it looks like I inverted two digits but I haven't (:

  10. aaargh forgot my fav topcoat! right now its seche vite, but that's just because I haven't tried much other ones (:

  11. love it and congrats for your +450 followers and of course: happy new year! :3

    ShuShu ♥

  12. I understood that you didn't invert the digits, I just found it funny that it looks like you did ;)
    I think giveaways are a nice way to gain followers, and for followers, it's a nice way to discover new blogs too :)
    I wish you a very Happy New Year, see you back in 2011 :)

  13. congratulations!!!

  14. I hope I win this GIVEAWAY!

    Please check my blog to and maybe we can follow eachother?

    My GIVEAWAY is just closed, but I will so another one soon!

    Kind regards, Valerie

  15. Ooh, i really hope i'm gonna win this giveaway.
    I've already seen hundreds of giveaways, but i never saw such a nice giveaway as this! I really love the stuff and i can use it quite good, because almost all of my nailpolish jars are empty.
    Have a great year full of inspiration and love!

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