Some tips for starting bloggers!

I get quite a lot of questions from girls who just started blogging on how things work and on how to gain followers. I just got another request, so for me it was time to give you all some tips!

First of all, blogs are fun and if you get to review things, being the owner of a blog seems great from the outside. But before you start, think of it really well. Keeping a blog and keeping it up to date takes a lot of time and effort. You need to know about the newest things in nailworld (if you have a nailblog) which also takes time. And because there are so many beautyblogs out there, it's important to stand out. Just thinking "I like nailpolish" isn't enough. So before you start to be the owner of another beautyblog, be sure that you have or can make enough time to blog and that you still want to do this in a a few months or years.

- Blogging in English is good when you want to have international followers, but if you do it, do it well. When I read a blog written in crappy English, the first thing I do is leave. So if you're not good at writing in English, just write in your own language.
- Don't make your posts too long, people get bored quickly, so keep some variation in text and pictures.
- Don't overpost. Especially don't post too much give aways on your blog.

- It's important to use your own pictures, stealing in blogworld is dumb, cause eventually someone will find out and that means saying goodbye to your followers.
-Your pictures need to be professional. Use a decent camera. Here we are back to point number 1. If you don't have a decent camera, decide if you really want to stick with blogging before you spend a lot of money on a new camera. If you have a nailblog, look for a camera with a good micro setting or even supermicro.
- Use decent lightning, so shoot outside in daylight or make/buy a lightbox. If you use artificial lightning in stead of daylight, make sure it's white light, cause that's the closest you can get to daylight.
- Keep away from destractions in your pictures. Using a white or black background is good. I've seen pictures of nails with the most ridiculous things on the backgrounds. There could even be a Nail Fail book full of wrong pictures haha.
- Make sure the colorsetting on your camera is right. Readers are looking for a good review of products with pictures that show the real colors.

For instance, my pictures went from this, worst one in that's ever been on my blog.
(Oh my god, shoot me. I'm emberassed)

To this. Better right? 
I guess I can only learn from it, right?

- Tagging. Use the right tags on your posts, it makes it easy for not only you, but also for readers to find old posts or posts brand or color related.
- Make a twitter/facebook/tumblr/youtube/whatever account. But like your blog, keep it professional and up to date. You can post your bloglink on these sites for more publicity.
- Don't overdo it. This is so important. It's ok to want publicity for your blog, but nothing's worse than posting your blog URL everywhere you go. And don't leave your bloglink in your comment, it annoys bloggers and some bloggers even delete your comment if you leave your link in your comment.

Be real
- If you receive products for review, be honest about them, eventhough you haven't paid for them and you want to continue reviewing for a company. Readers deserve an honest review on all times. You don't blog for the sake of free products, but for the sake of joy.
- Write in a personal way. And it's ok to talk about your personal life, but I don't think a beautyblog is meant for wining about how terrible you feel, so don't do that too much.

And to close it off: keep having fun! Blogging is fun, eventhough sometimes not having enough light for your pictures, your computer not doing what you want or getting stupid comments may make you feel like your not appreciated. You started it from a passion, so keep that passion alive!

Hopefully this post was helpful for the newbies around here. If there are more questions, go ahead! Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for the tips, I've just started out and I don't want to make any terrible mistakes :-)

  2. @ Ash-Lilly: You're welcome! Maybe it's good to make a couple mistakes, you can only learn from them!

  3. Thankyou so much! You really helped me! ^^

  4. I think this was a very useful guide (even though I'm not a starting blogger).. Every new blogger should read this. :D Thanks. :}

  5. Great post! And boy, I'm glad my blog isn't named as ''beauty'' blog. I'd fail at all the tips. XD

  6. I just started blogging a few days ago. I'm just kind of doing what I'm doing. I don't mind if I don't get a ton of followers, I just think it's fun!

  7. @ Penny; your so true! Doing your thing is important! A lot of people ask me how to get followers because they want a blog to be appreciated or even get famous, that's what my post is focussed on.

  8. ''So if your not good at writing in English, just write in your own language.''

    The first ''your'' must be ''you're'', right? Kinda ironic in combination with what you're talking about, hehe xd

    But these are good tips, it's nice from you to share =D

  9. I agree that a blog should be your thing, and that it should be fun. But I understand people want there blog to be appreciated. It's more fun to blog when people are actually reading it!

  10. @ ... Mimicry:
    Haha I was just re-reading my post and found that mistake too. I thought: "Oh no, hope nobody found out! That would be so stupid!" and quickly changed it. But then I saw your comment. Haha not that smart, but now it's changed (:


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