S-he 427

This is an awesome pink holo I got from Fleur's give away. It could've had an even cooler name, but they decided to call it '427'. What a shame (:

Another flash pic. I want to see it in the sun, but it's winter so I'll have to wait for that.

Artificial light. That's not that color accurate, but that's what happens if you get home from school when it's dark. This is the first S-he, or should I say She polish? I tried. And I looove it.

Thanks for reading! Renee,YNI


  1. Such a pretty pink holo! I love it!

  2. Agree, so beautiful color and uncool name. :)

  3. I have admired this polish every time I see it pop up on blogs. Pink and holo. My two faves

  4. Very pretty! I hate when polishes just have numbers for names, though.

  5. I agree on the name, really shame on them!

    This is my favourite S-he polish =). It looks good on you =)


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