P2 Stormy (+ nailbreak)

P2 Stormy. 2 coats. A light beige with gold microglitter. Depending on the light, it can get from greyish-beige to goldish-beige. When I was working at the supermarket, I had to pick up a lot of baskets and my nail got stuck in one, so that meant breakage and blood. I tried to rescue my nail with a silk wrap, but that was to good to be true. (Ok maybe my nail was too long after all, wait, nails can't be too long, whatever.)

I'm all for the wearable and dusty colors, you won't easily see me wearing a neon. For me this is an amazing color and it's wearable on any occasion So if you can, get it!

Take care!
Renee, YNI


  1. That's a lovely neutral-ly colour. I'm so sorry about the nail incident! Ouch, it must have hurt! Never mind, dear, nails grow back. :)


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