One Lovely Blog Award

Beauty Diva awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award. It's such a nice thing to get awards, cause it shows that my blog is appreciated. 

The usual rules:

Here is what you do when you receive this award:

1. make a post about the award and link the blog of the person who gave it to you

2. give the award to 15 blogs that you've found out recently
3. tell these bloggers' that they have an award

But since I love so many blogs (and I have a little lack of time) it's hard to pick 15 nailbloggers. Because of that, I'm passing this award on to you, you, you and you! So if you're a follower of mine, take it and pass it on to other lovely bloggers. 

Thank you! 


  1. congratulations on the award! :)



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