Match your nailpolish with your car!

Volvo had the awesome idea to get more female volvo drivers by making nailpolish that matches their new Volvo s60 series. "Oh I wish I could wear that color on my nails!" is a thought I always have when I see a car with a pretty color. Now here's your chance to do so! Eventhough the colors aren't too special, it's still a cool idea.

Cosmic White, Vibrant Copper and Ember Black.
Volvo has also launched an exclusive collection of accessories and products designed to match the new S60, including an iPhone case, sunglasses, leather weekend bags, goatskin driving gloves, and a key-fob. 

I think we should all get car-matching nailpolish in the future, right?


  1. I saw these a couple years ago, but too bad the only interesting color is the orange/copper!

    Hopefully other car dealers will do the same. :)

  2. I'd like Ford to do the same ! I'd find the shade of my Fiesta, Hot Magenta, it could be very pretty on nails lol ^^

  3. That's so cool!!! Not so cool for people who don't have volvos, but if other car companies do this, it would be so much fun.
    But then, part of me thinks that you don't really need special car nail polish...with all the polish colors in the world, there has to be at least ONE that perfectly matches your car.


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