I won a give away covered in gold (:

I won an awesome give away by Fleur's nails&stuff. When I received the package I could already smell it. I opened the package and everything was covered in gold. This is what I ended up with, a broken bottle of CCUK - Sandstone. 

This is everything I got. I had to clean all the bottles and I was able to spare most of the texts on the bottles. The card I received was covered in gold too, but luckily I could still read it.

She also included two awesome holo frankens!

Swatched them on a nailwheel. The pink holo's are love.
Thanks again Fleur!


  1. bummer about the broken polish ;( but those holos look amazing!

  2. at least you could save the pretties! congrats on winning

  3. At least only one bottle was damaged and the others survived.but it looks gorgeous that everything is covered in gold.

  4. ohh... that sucks but nonetheless, good thing not all were broken. and they looked really pretty!

  5. @femke &cindy
    Da's vervelend, gelukkig zijn er ook genoeg creme's bij.


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