Essence Metallics: Nothing Else Metals

Nothing Else Metals. I would subscribe it as an olive silver.

From index to pinkie:
Essence magnet diagonal, horizontal, vertical, vertical.
As I said in my posts about the other metals, the magnet just isn't what it's supposed to be, so use the Alessandro magnet or a bandable kitchen magnet. 

Q: What do you think of them? 

Thanks for reading! 
Renee, YNI


  1. Oh dat is goed gelukt zeg!
    Ik heb ze deze week gekocht, vind het niet de mooiste lakjes ooit, maar ze zijn wél speciaal en de namen zijn natuurlijk tegek!

  2. I want them but haven't been able to locate them so far :(

  3. I like this shade on you. I didn't get it in this colour though. I got two others whose names I now forget! You're right, that magnet thing from Essence is quite useless! :P


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