Essence Metallics: Iron Goddess

01 Iron Goddess. It's quite hard to subscribe cause for me it looks more like rusted iron than usual iron, cause it has a bit of brown/ red in it. It does have a nice grey/blue'ish flash or maybe even duochrome to it. As you can see, this mani isn't the most perfect mani I've had in my life :') It even shows the missing layer of nail on the tip of my middlefinger nail. *Nails - need - aiiiir*
The press picture showed a different and way prettier color than the real bottle, like all the press pictures did. But the real ones are ok too. It just bothers me that press release pictures create certain expectations for people and sometimes the real colors don't live up too it. That's something make-up brands need to think of, because when you dissapoint your buyers, they won't buy!

Ok. this was a magnet fail for life. From index to pinkie:
- Essence magnet vertical. Since all the other nail failed, I thought "let's get closer!" but ofcourse I got too close and touched the magnet. That made a reddish/copper spot. "Oh really? The color does change? If you get really really close."
- Essence magnet horizontal, ok I can still see some changes.
- Essence magnet vertical I guess? No changes.
- The same thing.

Flash. The blue/grey shows up which is nice. I don't totally want to bring down this polish, so if it doens't work, maybe you can try again and see if it works then or use a better magnet. Or just appreciate the color itself and wear it without using the magnet.

For more tips, see my previous post. 

Q: Is it me, or does Iron Goddes fail more than Copper Rulez?

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  1. I was really disappointed with essence magnet, but when I used a fridge magnet, the pattern was really visible. =)


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