Essence Metallics: Copper Rulez!

These are the ones I got. Steel Me was sold out and because Metal Battle doens't work with the magnet, I didn't feel like buying it. When I received the essence press pictures, I was so excited about this LE, but when I saw the first real bottle pics, I started to be disappointed, which got worse when I saw swatches and applied it myself. 

Copper Rulez! From index to pinkie:
- Essence magnet diagonal
- A shell magnet that didn't make stripes but moved all the particles and brought out the darker color. That's actually really nice too! 
- Essence magnet horizontal. I wanted to get closer with the magnet, but this was too close haha.
- Essence magnet vertical. this was my first try so I didn't put the magnet close enough

The shell magnet I used

Though I expected the colors to be prettier, Copper Rulez! is a nice color and I really like the glitter in it. Because the magnet fails a little, I can reccomend you the Alessandro magnet or a flat kitchen magnet. It's possible that round magnets don't make patterns, but move all the particles in the polish, so the darker color comes out on the whole nail. I'm thinking about doing this on all my nails cause I kinda like it!

Some tips:
- Shake the bottle well. Not just well, shake it like an idiot.
- Apply a very thick coat.
- Put the magnet 'on' your nails immediately after applying polish but keep sure you don't get too close cause that'll ruin your mani.
- hold it for about 30 seconds
- Lay your finger down on the side and put the magnet down on the side too. It makes it easier to get close to your nails without starting to shake and touching them with the magnet. so you can hold the magnet as close as possible which makes the pattern prettier. Understand? (:

Q: Do they live up to your expectations and do you have some tips?


  1. I've just bought it, and tried, but it didn't work! I've got to practice some more, haha.

  2. Thanks for the tips! If I get a hold of the these I'll use a big kitchen magnet :) And I love *Shake it like an idiot*

  3. Ik was idd ook nogal teleurgesteld door deze lakjes! Ook bij mij kwam er bijna geen resultaat uit, vooral met de magneet van Essence zelf niet..!

  4. Nice color! Thanks for the swatch! :)


  5. het leek me leuk, was weer eens wat anders. maar toen ik hem opdeed en met het magneetje er over ging was ik toch wel teleurgesteld door het resultaat, jammer. leuke blog (:

  6. @ Harriette

    Ja dat vond ik ook. Toch wel een mooie kleur hoor


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