Choose me!

Essence Choose Me! layered over Essence My Boyfriend's Jeans. Choose Me! itself is already so pretty and the best and cheapest dupe of Orly Halleys Comet, OPI Catch Me In Your Net and the thousand other ones. But layered over a dark color, the blue and green flakes pop out.

Essence has caught the bug and is starting to make really special polishes. Usually they just made simple cremes and shimmers, but now they sell things I feel you really need to buy.


  1. holy cow. that is incredible. I am going to have to do this combo

  2. Oh wow, I have both polishes and I would never have thought os such an association... am I dumb sometimes... or, well, I'm very late on testing them all, and that explains a lot ^^
    Thank you for such a nice idea, if ever I try it I'll think about you!! :)

  3. What a great tip. Need to try to layer more polishes. lol

  4. ou, I very very like UR blog :*
    is cute and nice !

    follow me and write comment, if U want ;**

  5. Ooh, really pretty! I got this the other day, but I haven't worn it yet.


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