Preview: Limited Edition Catrice Glamourama

First of all. A million apologies for my lack of posting. School's taking too much time right now. I really don't have enough time to make swatches etc. I try to do so! Hope you understand!

Catrice is coming with a new LE called "Glamourista"
In keeping with the latest catwalk trends from the international fashion hotspots, the Limited Edition “Glamourama” by Catrice is exuding a sense of futuristic disco flair with its breathtaking mirror and metallic looks. Make-up styles with a unique mirror-finish and an amazing interplay of icy, metallic colors are combined with velvety red contrasts to create an electrifying atmosphere! Here they are!

Times Square at Midnight


En Vogue

Mirror, Mirror..

“Glamourama” by CATRICE will be available in stores in November and December 2010.

Q: What do you think about them?



  1. The polishes look cool, but I hate the plastic lids painted silver. It looks cheap to me. :(

  2. Mooi! Die eerste vind ik het leukst :)

  3. @Skulda: you're so right! it looks cheap and the silver goes off quickly if it touches polishremover. The normal collection doesn't have the silver lids luckily

  4. Erg leuke blog, leuk om zoveel goedkope polishes te zien!!

  5. @MvR: Dankje! Ik probeer goedkope dupes te vinden van duren lakjes. Pas als ik die niet kan vinden ga ik voor de duurdere merken (:

  6. I would have to see swatches or the bottles in person. If I ever find them. I've been all over Zurich and still haven't seen a display for Expect the Unexpected. Just empty Caramé displays.

  7. @ Allison: They're not available yet, in November they are.


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