Give away talk!

Because I passed the 400 followers, I want to thank you!  I'm still thinking about what I should give away, ofcourse it'll be polish related. If you have any nice ideas, just tell me!

Now on to another nice part, I won a give away for the first time! I didn't win just one, no I won two give aways! Here they are.

I won a $50 giftcard from It's a webshop that sells konad stuff. This came in so handy, because I just ran out of konad topcoat. The best part is that I got to choose everything myself. This is what I chose:
When it arrived.

Konad regular polish Solid Violet and Light Violet

Imageplate M63
(It was a pain in the ass capturing the plate without it showing the reflection of anything in my room haha)

Imageplate M71. Love the baroque pattern.

On to give away two:
I won Cel's Big in Japan Give away. 

Everything came in with a sweet note from Cel and some cookies and candy. 

The nail art

The polishes. When I first saw the red and pink ones, I thought they were lipglosses haha. But after checking again, I was sure they weren't. I've never heard of these brands because they're from Japan, but I like them! I put them all on a nailwheel and the pink one surprised me the most, it's so pretty layerd over other colors! I'll soon show you some swatches.

Just had to show you all this close up, because I immediately fell in love with this polish. Can't wait to try it on my nails.

Thanks for reading. Tell me anything you'd like to see in my give away and come back soon to enter it!


  1. wow, congrats on 400 followers! and you won two of the best prizes ever! m63 is my favorite plate, and i LOVE pa polishes. I was so sad to learn that the website that carries pa in the us went out of business. ;(

  2. pa polishes are awesome and pretty expensive hehe :D CONGRATS love!
    u are gonna have so much fun! :D

  3. @ Jbrobreck: Thank you! I've been lemming m63 too for a while, glad I got it now. Love how that one pattern looks like marbled nails.

    @ Jamie K.: Thanks! So I guess the prize is even bigger than I thought? I will :)

  4. Congrats on passing 400! and that prize looks fun! :)

  5. wow, really cool!

  6. congrats on your 400 & on winning Cel's giveaway! gosh, plate m71 looks soooo pretty :)

  7. Congrats on 400+ followers!

    And you won awesome giveaways! :D

  8. Yay lucky girl congrats!!,I swore I had your blog on my blogroll, and I couldn't find it today :(, sorry.
    Now it is on my blogroll :), I have missed all the good posts :o.

  9. @ Arie: Thank you! Haha luckily all the posts are still there so there's enough time to read them all! xx

  10. Congratulations on passing 400 followers, that's so cool :D

    I am so happy you like the polishes. The Kate colours I haven't even tried myself so I am very curious to see how they turn out.
    And wow all the Konad goodies look fabulous!


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