Review: Labello's Pure & Natural

Ofcourse you all know I’m a nailpolish fanatic, but there’s one other thing I’m addicted to: lip balms! I even collect lip balms from the brand Labello. I’ll show you my collection in a next post. I occasionally contact the product manager of Labello for questions/facts etc. So she sent me the new Pure & Natural labello’s for review.

Labello’s new innovative Pure & Natural formula is inspired by nature. All lip balms are 100% free of preservatives and parabens and include natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba oil.

Olive & Lemon
I smelled olive oil right away. The smell isn’t too dominating, but I did have to get a little used to this smell, because lip balms usually have a sweet, fruity or neutral smell and this is the opposite of sweet. I could really smell/taste the products in it, (Olive and lemon) so the lip balm includes everything the packing says. 

Camomille & Calendula
I instantly thought about tea because I always have camomille tea at home.

This one’s not sweet either, but the smell is soft and not dominating. It made me think of calendulan crème - used for grazes and skin irritation - a little bit, which includes calendula. My mom swears by that cream! I never thought a lip balm could do this, but it made me think of home because of the products used in it.

Milk & Honey
The smell isn’t dominating, it’s quite soft, I don’t really taste honey but I do taste something sweet. This is the only one that smells like I’m used too. The combination of milk and honey isn’t something I would easily come up with, but it works.

Mint & Minerals
Smells fresh, like toothpaste or gum, but not in a bad way. It feels fresh on your lips and makes them tingle a bit. I like! When I applied it for the second time I could taste/smell mint like it tastes if you bite on a mint leaf.

My conclusion:
+ 100% free of preservatives+ applies smoothly and stays on long enough
+ It’s transparent on your lips, so you won’t get green lips
- They don’t smell like I’m used to, they smell fresh or kind of savory,  instead of sweet, you have to like it.

I think it’s very smart to make products that are free of
preservatives. It’s a trend to use healthy, pure and honest products, so I guess that this is the factor that will have people buy it. In every lip balm I could almost exactly smell/taste everything the packing said. The products used in it are smart too: Olive oil seems good for your hair, minerals are good, Calendula and camomille have healing powers and so people may think: hey, this might be good for my lips too! Maybe people aren’t used to lipbalms not tasting like strawberry or chocolate, but trying a new thing is always nice, right?
Milk & Honey is my favorite, maybe I’m a little old fashioned and like to have sweet products on my lips instead of fresh/savory/whatever smells.

These labello’s will be available in the Netherlands later this summer.

Q: What you do think about these and what’s your favorite lip balm brand?

This product was sent to me for review. For more information see my Disclosure page.


  1. oooo i love labelo <3
    I recently got their glamorous lip shine in natural shade.It's like a nude lip gloss with shimmer.I love it so much!! try it out sometime :)

  2. I LOVE lip balm too! I've never heard of this brand. Would love to try some of them. Where do you get them?

  3. Mmmm I'd love to try that mint! I bet it smell wonderful!

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  5. @Ali's Nail News:
    It's not available in the usa. mostly in europe. They do sell Nivea and maybe Liposan lipbalm in the usa. it's made by the same factory and I think that they'll also make the pure&natural one's!

  6. i love labello, and i love the second and the 3th one.(l)
    I think they smell very nice?


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