Polka dots, or something.

I'm way to lazy to do nail art lately and I've got a couple unused konad imageplates and stuff. So I decided to make a simple mani again.  My plan was to make pretty looking polka dots, but I haven't done it for a while. You should actually see my other hand, the dots are even sloppier and it actually looks way better! Eventhough it's quite sloppy and not really special at all, I got a lot of complements from people saying mu nails looked like little artworks. These things make my day!

I used a thousand (4) coats of a HEMA white, I hate whites without enough pigment! and a blue, turquoise and lightblue shimmer 2 way striper.

Q: What's your favorite (well pigmented!) white?


  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! Do you have access to any of the following brands, they have good whites:

    Sinful Colors- Snow me White
    Pure Ice
    Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- lavender cloud...

    good luck! I did a multicolored version of this on my blog a few entries ago, and come to find out, you did something similar! Very nice

    For all your readers who wanna see it my blog is at

    Have a nice one! :-)

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  3. Ik heb ongeveer 5 waardeloze witte lakken gekocht totdat ik van iemand de tip kreeg om bij Hennes&Mautits de Love at first Sight te kopen...hardstike dikke witte lak, dekt in één laag, is net tippexx maar dan glimmend.

  4. Grappig!
    Wat ik gister op had:
    Catrice I sea you 250
    en dan 'barok'-patroontjes er op gemaakt met een redelijk ouwe, grijze nagellak van Miss Helen.
    Wat ik vandaag op heb:
    Hema Wet Look (roze), met witte polka dots er op! En dat Wit is ook van het Hema merk.

  5. Really cute (^_^)



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