Olive Comparison: Sally Hansen Trendy Creme and Pieces It's A Camouflage

This is Sally Hansen trendy creme and Pieces It's A Camouflage. Both 2 coats. Pieces is a little thicker than SH, but that makes it more opaque. SH is a little browner(?) than Pieces/Pieces is a little greener than SH, that's the only difference I see.

Flash, shows the differences more.

 I've been looking for an olive polish for ages and moved the earth to get it.When I got it I was so happy. A month later the Dutch brand Pieces came with almost the exact polish for less money. Great. Let's say that it's nice for people that didn't have olives already.

Bottle comparison

Do you like olives or are you as sceptical about them as my mom? :')


  1. i like the colors and they look really nice on your nails!

  2. geweldige kleur! Mijn moeder vind mijn mintgroene nagellak al vreselijk, dus ik ben benieuwd wat ze van deze kleur gaat vinden :'D


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