New Essence collections "We Saw It First" and "Denim Wanted"

Essence is coming with a new collection in August and September, called "We Saw It First"
5 movie star, 39 lime-up!, 40 absolutely stylish, 04 space queen
These polishes are said to have a fast drying time. The colors aren't too special, but the grey for instance, is a great basic color for a great price, just like the pink one. The green one seems to be a nice apple color, hope it's not too bright. 
Price: €1,25

Essence will also launch a topcoat, which is a great alternative for people that don't have enough money for more expensive brands or aren't such nailpolish lovers. HEMA has launched a matte topcoat too and it was a big succes. I was waiting for cheaper brands to do so, and finally they've become smart.
Price: €1,75

Another collection that will be sold in September is the "Denim Wanted" collection
01 High waist pink
02 I love my jeans
03 Forever Mine
04 My Boyfriend's Jeans
   05 Five-pocket grey

This collection is inspired by jeans, as the name says. Just like the other collection, this one's not that special, but still nice. It has a nice grey one and a blue one I've been looking for. Most blue's are with glitters in it. I've been recognising some of the same colors coming back in every collection. Not that original, but nice if you've missed a polish from an earlier collection.
Price: €1,75

What you think about these collections?

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  1. There's a few that I'd be interested in, especially the last one!

  2. Omg, I want it!

  3. alleen die laatste zal in NL verkrijgbaar zijn.


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